<tc>透氣扶手椅保護套, 灰色</tc>
<tc>透氣扶手椅保護套, 灰色</tc>
<tc>透氣扶手椅保護套, 灰色</tc>

透氣扶手椅保護套, 灰色


  • Bosmere Protector 6000 furniture covers are made from durable UV-resistant Oxford fabric to resist fading in periods of strong sunlight. To keep out water that could damage or harm your garden furniture the covers also have a waterproof lining which will keep out any and all ice, snow and water year round
  • Bosguard water repellent coating means water runs right off the cover, ensuring a quick dry and no damage to your furniture
  • Brass Eyelets and Heavy Duty Bungee Ties come included with the cover – use these to secure your cover to your garden furniture to protect against strong winds. Tie the bungee ties easily and quickly around the leg or base of your garden furniture, and rest easy knowing that your cover won’t go anywhere even in the strongest of winds
  • Bosmere’s durable covers can protect your garden against all manner of weather conditions and threats to your garden furniture – from extreme weather like rain, snow and sun to bird droppings, dust and grime
  • To keep your Bosmere furniture cover clean and intact, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. To prevent water pooling on the cover, use Bosmere’s Water Shedding Pole (sold separately) Product Code A500/A505
  • The Protector 6000 range of covers is available in dark green, black and grey colour variations, and there is a huge variety of covers for all manner of garden furniture, from barbecues and fire pits, modular rattan table and chair sets, to parasol covers and rotary washing line covers

.All weather protection
.Wipe clean surface
.UV stabilized to reduce fading
.durable polyester fabric
.Brass eyelets & heavy duty bungee tie
.BOSGUARD™ Backing
.BOSGUARD™ Water repellant coating

SKU :  M693
Dimension : 300 x 200 x 90 cm
Color :  Black
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