<tc>室內滅蚊機 300Wood</tc>
<tc>室內滅蚊機 300Wood</tc>
<tc>室內滅蚊機 300Wood</tc>
<tc>室內滅蚊機 300Wood</tc>

室內滅蚊機 300Wood


Furnished with a special "WOOD" lamp that can emit light in the UV-A spectrum, without emitting visible light. It is intended specifically for nocturnal use, dark environment and for those wishing to sleep without problems from insects or lught sources.

- Non-toxic, soundless and absolutely safe
- Low maintenance cost 
- Patented cleaning system

Size : 13.2W x 16.5D x 33H cm
Weight : 1.1kg
Coverage : 3 - 5M
UV-A Lamp : 1 x 6 W WOOD
Lamp life  : Approx. 1,500 hrs. / 1 year
Total Consumption : 11W
Cable Length : 1.3M
Structure : ABS
Insulation : Double cl II
Brand : MO.EL
Made in : Italy 


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