Basic Planting Set - Easy Growing
Basic Planting Set - Easy Growing
Basic Planting Set - Easy Growing
Basic Planting Set - Easy Growing

Basic Planting Set - Easy Growing

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1 x Easy Growing

The Easy Growing system makes gardening easy and fun again. This is an ergonomically designed planting bed that is positioned high off the ground to eliminate stooping and bending. This gardening bed also makes watering easy with a full watering system that includes a reservoir, over-watering indicator and drainage plug. This attractive piece can be used indoors or outdoors.

- Rattan-style texture
- Ergonomic design that allows you to garden standing up
- Full watering system
- Drainage tap

Size : 114W x 49.3D x 75.7H cm
Capacity : 120L
Material : UV-resistant resin
Suitable for : Outdoor
Brand : KETER
Made in  : Israel


1 x Coirfibre, 650g

Compressed coconut fiber bricks, can expand to about 9 L ± 10% after adding water, pure coconut fiber. It is a superior planting medium, which can adjust the soil, ventilate and retain water, and prevent pests. 

Coconut shell fiber has excellent dense stomata air, even when it is full of water, it can make the root of the plant develop rapidly.

How to use: 
Put the coconut fiber brick in a 10 L bucket, add 5 ~ 6 L of water, let it stand for about 15 ~ 20 minutes to allow the coconut fiber brick to fully absorb water, the coconut fiber brick will swell to 8 ~ 9 L, can be used as an organic medium for plant growth.

: Roots Breath 
Dimension : 20 x 10 x 5 (H) cm
Weight : 650 g
Materials : Coirfibre 
Origin : Taiwan



Suitable for medium cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers. Bag cultivation, trough planting and pot planting are suitable to apply.

Dimension : N/A
Weight : 70L
Materials : White peat 60%, Black peat 40%, Pearlite 10%
Origin :  Germany