Microelectronics Insect Protect Device


• Suitable for indoor and outdoor

 • Range : 3000ft2

• No Sound: The device transmits high frequency and low intensity oscillatory wave that are composed to expel mosquitoes away from the protection area of the device

• Non-toxic: It does not use any pesticides or chemicals

• Safe: The device has an extremely low power output equivalent to one trillionth of the power output of a mobile phone. It operates on 2AA batteries that can last for 8-9 months

• It is a "Biological Field" Microelectronics Insect Protect Device based on European Homeopathy theory and microelectronic technology.

 • After 72 hours of activation in an open area or room without wall separations, the device will cover an area of approximately 3,000 square feet and reduce mosquitoes, some species of cockroach and flies. It will not affect bees and is safe for human beings and pets. The device will not interfere with other electronic equipment.

 • Made in Switzerland